P for Poland – Let the feast begin!

As the train departs from Berlin towards Warszawa, Poland, I watch him rub his hands in glee, his eyes sparkling with infectious enthusiasm.

“What’s so special today in Poland, Sri?”

I am met with silence. His eyes have taken on a glazed sheen, almost like that on a doughnut. Irritated, I focus on the landscapes whizzing past.

6 hours later, we are greeted with sights I can never ever forget. Doughnuts in all flavors and sizes greet us, the air thick with sweet sugary fragrances engulfing us as vendors whip out doughnuts by the dozen. I turn to Sri in wonder, but he’s already missing.

On the Thursday before Ash Wednesday, popularly known as Fat Thursday, the Polish celebrate by eating doughnuts in all flavours and sizes. It is said that Polish people consume more than a million doughnuts on this day!

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