Who am I?

A writer is by nature a dreamer – a conscious dreamer.

Carson McCullers

I am Deepa Duraisamy and I am a writer. Anything you say or do may be used in a story. There, I just read you your Miranda rights. Just kidding! Or maybe not?

Writing short fiction is a heartfelt passion. My stories are plucked out of everyday incidents and feature characters one would easily relate to. Intermittently, I dabble with a different genre, but my strength lies in spinning simple tales, dramatic events, featuring twists and turns, tying happenings together in surprising ways!

Every now and then, I pause to reflect on something happening around me, and often write on those pensive (warning: often disillusioned thoughts) that end up lingering in my mind.

Blogger since 2005. Previous address: Deepa’s Kaleidoscope. As of date, 3 of my short stories are published in 3 anthologies. Enthusiastic participant in Blogger forums like Indiblogger, BlogAdda and Blog-a-thon. Finisher at 3 annual A-Z blogging challenges.

Professionally, I work as a Data Analytics leader in the corporate industry, a profession that I enjoy for the experiences it gives me, the individuals I interact with and learn from, and for the intellectual ability it helps drive within me, not to forget its financial perks.

Avid reader. Travel lover. Absolute foodie. Enthusiastic singer. Enjoy the outdoors, athletic sports, random conversations, a steaming mug of coffee, the pouring rain, binge watching, and the list goes on.

Blessed to have a beautiful circle of friends and family, people I cherish, treasure and hold close to my heart. I believe gratitude is a way of living. And awareness of self-worth and multi-faceted independence are key.

I, Deepa Duraisamy, am a speck in the universe. But there’s also a whole universe within me.

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Pradeep Nair

Hats off to a great writer. Keep writing and we folk and giving us entertaining pieces to read!!

Jyoti Rajput

And a person who gives her shoulder to each n everyone who needs it 💓


Totally love how you described yourself 😍. You inspire to follow one’s passion. Here’s wishing you keep doing so and having fun while at it!


This introduction show me how are you as person at writer level also at personal and professional level perfectly….

I would love read your short tales about different gener.😀😀😄😄

Mom and Ideas

I love your beautiful introduction 🙂
See you around my Universe ☺️

Sneha Duraisamy

This is so good to read. Loved your description about yourself


Very nice, keep it up Deepa

Kajal Patil

Hey Deepa , thats so wonderful. Me too believe in Gratitude is a way of living so would like to add more line in your bio – you help people to fulfill their dream.


A friend, a sister, a great guide, strict disciplinarian lead, and an awesome writer.
Keep writing my friend.

Mayuri Devdware

Usually I never comment on blogs but your article is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it. You’re doing a great job, Keep it up👍👍

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