2022 A-Z: The Complete Works

Initiated in 2010, every year in April, the Blogging A-Z Challenge kicks off with a bang. Bloggers around the world come together to post 26 alphabet themed posts – one for each day of April, except Sundays – like a blogging marathon! Click here to read more about the challenge! And if you’re participating, leave your blog site in the comments, I would love to visit! I have participated 4 times so far and been a finisher 3 times – 2016, 2018 and 2021.

This year, my theme is Book Recommendations introduced via Flash Fiction! I write a short, exactly 100-word story introducing the book in some way – either its premise, authors, characters, or such. If you’re a reader, you might have read some of these or you might discover some good ones! If you’re a non-reader, you might still enjoy the 100-word flash fiction or start reading! So, here we go!

A: Animal Farm (On how power corrupts, be it animals or humans)

B: Billion Dollar Loser (Of an eccentric charmer, who builds an empire and brings it crashing down!)

C: Chanakya’s Chant (When one needs to win, no matter what the cost!)

D: Deception Point (Conspiracy theories at the highest echelons!)

E: Enid Blyton (Many a childhood favourite!)

F: Foreign Body (What happens when medical tourism goes awry?)

G: Growing up Bin Laden (How did he become who he was!)

H: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Would you like to get whisked away in a fantasy?)

I: It Ends With Us (Because domestic violence is non-negotiable!)

J: Jurassic Park (What if dinosaurs really were re-engineered!)

K: Kite Runner (A heart wrenching tale on childhood friendships)

L: Let’s Talk Money (A must-read for youngsters starting out with their careers, especially women!)

M: Mars are from Mars, Women are from Venus (Are gender differences evolution based?)

N: Not Without My Daughter (A mother’s horror story!)

O: Oxford Dictionary (Funny fictional conversation with Shashi Tharoor!)

P: Panchatantra (Featuring a witty 3.5 year old and his modern take on it!)

Q: 100 Photographs That Changed the World (Visual more than textual, very powerful!)

R: Rodrick Rules (A sarcastic witty fictional memoir of every day happenings in the life of a teen)

S: Small Great Things (Why is so much easier to hate than accept, or even just be neutral?)

T: Tintin (Another childhood favourite, introducing kids to foreign cultures and more!)

U: Unfinished (Because Priyanka Chopra Jonas is nowhere close to being done yet!)

V: Vanished (Of kidnappings, betrayals, and more)

W: We Need to Talk About Kevin (A school shooter. A distraught Mom. Nature versus Nurture)

X: Operation X (Indian Navy’s covert war against West Pakistan in the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971)

Y: The Yellow Wallpaper (A woman’s mental health at stake)

Z: Zeitoun (A Syrian immigrant caught in Hurricane Katrina amidst America’s war on terror)