Aarambh – A beginning – Educating mindsets and more

In October 2012, while at a friend’s house, we sit chatting about what each of us does professionally. Conversation inadvertently moves to social causes and to what we do for the community that has laid the foundation for what we are today. (I know there will be arguments to the Continue Reading

Man or Material? Who to blame?

More than 5 years ago, horrified at watching the events unfold on US national television, I had penned a post on the Virginia Tech shootings and my despair at events back home. Click here to read it. Since then a lot has changed. The Bush administration made way for Obama, Osama Continue Reading

Don’t Judge Me!

My fingers race across the keyboard as I type up an article about life insurance. To my left, two Australian students – a boy and a girl possibly in their early twenties discuss Financial Accounting going by the title of the books strewn out in front of them. Directly across Continue Reading

The ABCs of Education

The classroom is a cemented structure, decent enough, but the setting indicates a slum or a rural village. There are no benches. The kids aged 4-6 years old are mostly unkempt, a couple of them in tattered clothes, their knees grazed with white plaster from the walls. They sit cross-legged Continue Reading