Top 10 Writing Hurdles: Featured on Storizen

Image copyright: Storizen, an Indian literature magazine, showcases newly released books, book reviews, authors’ interviews and almost about anything and everything to do with books. Catch the latest issue of July 2013, featuring an article of mine – Top 10 Writing Hurdles – based on my experiences. If you write Continue Reading

10 Reasons Why I Didn’t Post

Copyright: The latest post on my blog is dated May 2. It’s been three weeks since I posted anything. Two weeks back, I thought of writing on a particular topic. Then I put it off. And then I put it off some more. And then some more. Until it Continue Reading

Aarambh – A beginning – Educating mindsets and more

In October 2012, while at a friend’s house, we sit chatting about what each of us does professionally. Conversation inadvertently moves to social causes and to what we do for the community that has laid the foundation for what we are today. (I know there will be arguments to the Continue Reading

Enthusiastic fans or overzealous fanatics?

So, Vishwaroopam has got banned in Tamil Nadu, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Malaysia. Muslim outfits in the state have got the state government to ban the film stating that it would disrupt cultural harmony. Kamal Hassan has sought legal aid from the high court claiming cultural terrorism. Well, cultural harmony or Continue Reading

Man or Material? Who to blame?

More than 5 years ago, horrified at watching the events unfold on US national television, I had penned a post on the Virginia Tech shootings and my despair at events back home. Click here to read it. Since then a lot has changed. The Bush administration made way for Obama, Osama Continue Reading