X: Operation X (2022 A-Z)

Operation X

“Baba, is something going on near the riverfront?”


“They making drugs?”


“They look suspicious.”

“Let it be. We get good money to supply them food.”


“Baba, I see lot of activity today”


“People training, makeshift camps, they’re terrorists?”

“They’re not. Trust me.”


“Baba, something’s happening today, isn’t it?”

“Have faith, my child.”


“Baba, everything’s vanished! The riverfront camps are gone. As if they didn’t exist!”


In an exceptionally well-coordinated attack that night, India destroyed several Pakistani artillery and supply ships in the ocean. Subsequently, aided by India’s strong show of support, Bangladesh declared independence from West Pakistan.

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In a four-month mission titled Operation X, India conducted a covert naval war in East Pakistan, a mission which was never revealed until very recently after 50 years of its existence. Leveraging Bangladeshi runaway spies, recruiting Bengali youths from refugee camps, and training them to be underwater clearance divers, communication experts and demolition and mines experts, Operation X is a mission that would make every Indian proud of the role India played in the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971. Sandeep Unnithan, writer and journalist at India Today does a brilliant job of bringing the covert operation to light and life – based on solid research and firsthand experiences of Indian Navy Captain M.N.R Samant. This book is a valuable must-read for every Indian, especially those who are military history buffs.

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