V: Vanished (2022 A-Z)


“They ain’t allowed to let him go off with any stranger. Please find him, bring him back,” Mrs. Nair sniffles, fresh tears flowing again.

Mr. Nair puts a hand on her shoulder.

“So, Mrs. Nair, the school has both of you as authorized …”

“Just me,” Mr. Nair interrupts. “We … uh, the divorce is coming through. She can have him only on weekends, so …”

Mrs. Nair lowers her eyes.

That night, she hands over an ice cream to her son engrossed in video games. “Just a few more days kiddo, and then you can stay with me forever.”

Vanished by Danielle Steele is a classic whodunit family drama – complete with nerve wracking twists, betrayals, race against time and more. Several in my generation would have grown up reading these or the Sidney Sheldon thrillers – often unputdownable. These are books that can easily get you hooked to reading.

Fiction reads – be they whodunits, family drama-based thrillers, mystery, suspense, crime, action on legal, medical, or whichever context are always a guilty pleasure. While I enjoy a fair share of all genres these days, these continue to be my first love, mostly always quick reads and there’s too many good authors to be named. My Goodreads page lists a lot more recommendations (along with the anthologies I got published in!) Have a look!

I have written this 100-word flash fiction for the 2022 Edition of the Blogging A-Z Challenge, a blogging event held every April. Click here to read more on the challenge! My chosen theme for this year is flash fiction driven book recommendations. Whether or not you are a book reader, you would enjoy the flash fiction. And if you’re participating as well, do leave your blog site in the comments!