B: Billion Dollar Loser (2022 A-Z)

Billion Dollar Loser

“Dude, are you even listening? Free beer. All year long. Invites to the hottest parties with the A-listers, jet trips!”

“… I dunno, something still ain’t sitting right. Where’s the hard cash?”

“You’re getting paid in shares, aren’t you?”

“What if it all tanks?”

That conversation was 6 years ago. Today I sit nursing my drink at the local bar down the street, I don’t have a job, I have no place to call home and I have 30,000 worthless shares. On the muted TV across the bar, Adam Neumann, my charismatic ex-boss, ironically gets valued at 2 billion dollars.

The Billion Dollar Loser: The Epic Rise and Fall of Adam Neumann and WeWork, the first non-fiction that kept me so hooked! Detailing the inside story of Adam Neumann, and WeWork, the real estate company which was notoriously famous for its shared spaces across the world, it tells the unbelievable story of how one man promises the impossible, builds a cult, sells the ‘good life’ to employees, spins dramatic futuristic tales selling larger-than-life dreams to draw billion-dollar investors. However, it all culminates in a major collapse, leaving thousands out of jobs and savings. It’s a superb reminder for new age entrepreneurs, on what works and what doesn’t, on how you can have it all and yet overnight, also lose it all. Or maybe not. This book was such a good X’mas Santa gift, thank you Sharvil!

This 100-word flash fiction is written for the 2022 Edition of the Blogging A-Z Challenge, a blogging event held every April. Click here to read more on the challenge! My chosen theme for this year is flash fiction driven book recommendations. Even if you aren’t a book reader, you might enjoy the flash fiction. And if you’re participating as well, do leave your blog site in the comments!