A: Animal Farm (2022 A-Z)

“Pigs! Disgusting pigs!” I jump as she yells in my ear.

On screen, I watch men, women and children scramble for shelter. Dust and smoke rise, a missile demolishes a structure, I watch it turn from building to rubble in a second.

“True, assholes of the highest order,” I nod my agreement.

“Such an accurate representation, seriously dictators are such pigs,” she continues. I nod.

“All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others.” Now, I roll my eyes and wonder what she’s been smoking. She tosses the copy of Animal Farm on the sofa and sighs.

This 100-word fictional conversation, penned around the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, is written for the 2022 Edition of the Blogging A-Z Challenge, a blogging event held every April. Click here to read more on the challenge! My chosen theme for this year is flash fiction driven book recommendations. Even if you aren’t a book reader, you might enjoy the flash fiction. And if you’re participating as well, do leave your blog site in the comments!

One of the brilliant ones, Animal Farm, the short 120-page novella tells the story of farm animals who rebel against their human farmer to create a society where all animals can be happy, feel equal and free. However, under Napoleon, a dictator pig, the farm ends up in a state as bad as it was before or worse. Written by George Orwell, this extremely well written political satire talks about direct parallels with Soviet History before 1945 but continues to be relevant even today with several political scenarios around the world. A highly recommended read!