2021: Blogging A-Z Challenge: Covid Craziness: T


The road lining the seashore lays empty, its grey asphalt stretching infinitely into the distance. A lone wayward vehicle appears from time to time and disappears leaving behind a trail of dust. It has been thirty eight days of this new routine, a routine previously unheard and unseen of.

Mingling crowds are no longer visible; the hawkers by the shore no longer peddling their wares. The only sounds that interrupt the silence are those of the waves crashing on the rocks, a rhythmic melody.

Free from the desecration of their habitat, dolphins swim playfully and courageously closer to the shore.

Note: As countries around the world locked down, the lack of human intervention turned out to be a blessing in disguise for nature and wildlife. From nilgai to civets, dolphins to giant lizards, they were all back out in the open reclaiming their space. This 100-word micro-fiction is written for the Covid Crazies 2021 Edition of the Blogging from A-Z Challenge. The entire list of 2021 posts can be accessed here.