2021: Blogging A-Z Challenge: Covid Craziness: G


Gajavadana beduveee … “. Soft musical notes waft up to my
balcony from the downstairs apartment. I sit cross-legged on my swing, soaking
in the smell of a fresh morning coffee, swaying gently with the breeze, poised
for 72-year old Jaya Aunty’s daily music practice, my very own daily form of meditation.

“Oh God. I can’t
focus,” a young voice breaks the melody.

“Come on Ma. Our work from home and Karthik’s school. That’s priority. Not this. Just stop this for a few

I hear Jaya Aunty go
quiet. In that instant, not just one, but two hearts break.

Note: The much-older generation and the much-younger toddlers who have been under house-arrest have had it the worst. The ones in the middle have still found ways to keep themselves entertained. Let’s try and keep ourselves sane and give everyone around us a chance to find their mental peace too. Live. But more importantly, let live.

This 100-word micro-fiction was born from a conversation I was having with Amma – of struggles faced by the different generations during lockdown. The story is written for the Covid Crazies 2021 Edition of the Blogging from A-Z Challenge. The entire list of 2021 posts can be accessed here

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Not two but three, I must say.Your excellent note brought out the essential message for all for during this harrowed times


Seniors have been isolated terribly. More so if they live alone.

Jai Anand S

Wow, how true! Awesome Deepa!!


Yeah, elderly are affected the most.

Parul M

Coffee,swaying,music,meditation & wonderful Note…your writing is absorbing all my interest & attention friend %—}

Bharati Patil

Story rightly brought out the dilemna of seniors who have lost the much treasured peace due to wfh and online schools of younger generations. We need to be more kinder towards the older folks…nicely written Deepa!!


Just 100 words and you gave us panorama of emotions….. so impactful 👏👏


So nicely depicted the whole scene Deepa. I imagined each and every moment- AA


Wow you covered and captured current situation very well

Jayashree (pagesfromjayashree)

Very true Deepa … that's one age group whose feelings or preferences are often disregarded … it's like they have to be satisfied with only basic necessities

Jayashree (pagesfromjayashree)
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