2021: Blogging A-Z Challenge: Covid Craziness: D


Pic Credit: Matrubhoomi

Das rupaiiya, bas.” Ten rupees only.
The countdown timer at the signal was at 67.          

are you entertaining him for, Riya?” remarked Tarun, scrunching up his nose in
distaste at the lad in ragged clothes.

“Where did
you get it from?” Riya pressed.

Didi, you want?”

“This is so
dangerous,” she reiterated.

“You buy? Das rupaiiya. Take one,” he pushed.

Tarun eased
ahead as the lights turned green. Riya shuddered in her seat, watching the boy
in the rear view mirror, vowing to cut up masks before disposing them as the
boy continued to peddle used masks as new.   

Note: This 100-word micro-fiction is written for the Covid Crazies 2021 Edition of the Blogging from A-Z Challenge. The entire list of 2021 posts can be accessed here