2021: Blogging A-Z Challenge: Covid Craziness: C


Pic Credit: GHMC at Hans India

Cancelled?! Big deal, try next year,” remarked Taru, perplexed by her friend’s extreme dejection.

“It was my only escape, Taru. A getaway,” countered Ajju. Taru rolled her eyes at him and faked a heart attack. Dramatic statements warranted dramatic reactions.

“You have a great home, rock solid family, everything provided for. What you wanna escape from?”

Ajju tore up the cricket camp cancellation notice, courtesy of the Covid lockdown, watching as the pieces fluttered to the ground.

“Let it go, you won’t understand.” His father’s deadline for him to join the morbid gravedigging family business inched closer by the day.

Note: This 100-word micro-fiction is written for the Covid Crazies 2021 Edition of the Blogging from A-Z Challenge. The entire list of 2021 posts can be accessed here
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A case of everything may look perfect, but does not mean it is. Perfection is based on an individual’s perception.


For many at formative years of career the time running out fast is more strenuous than others. Well said.


Nicely articulated by you


The pursuit of happiness is a never ending thing and there is no fixed answer to it. When I was a kid, even a humble rassogolla or jalebi would have done the trick but now my kids happiness means the world to me. So, live in the moment and live it fully.

Bharati Patil

Nicely written. Depicting in short, the common dejection faced by many for not being able to follow their heart.

Parul M

Topsy turvey world..holing hard on dreams as CHANGE is the only CONSTANT !!


Good one with a pragmatic advice at the end.


Haso mat, bechara Ajju! 😛


So true. In this age of social media especially, all glossy and shiny exteriors do not necessarily translate to well-tended interiors. Sometimes the reality is a lot sadder.


It's almost like the passage of time isn't consistent at all. Theory of relativity probably applying itself here too. We just don't realize that there's no time in those years to chase after all the things we want. And pretty soon, so many are in directions, they probably wouldn't have chosen had they had more time. But then the time to choose, is largely driven by societal expectations unfortunately which is sad.


Thank you.


Well, that's a perspective too. He's trying to find happiness in something else. What if we don't like what we do? Or are being expected to do?


Thank you Bharati. Indeed. A problem faced during regular situations as well, but exacerbated by Covid.


True, the world that went into the Covid storm and the one that comes out are going to totally different ones, shaped by experiences completely!


Thank you, KPT!

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