2021 : Blogging A-Z Challenge: Covid Craziness: A

Welcome to the Covid Crazies 2021 Edition of the Blogging from A-Z Challenge, held every April. Every post will begin with the numbered letter of the alphabet. These will be 100 word, bite-sized Micro-fiction – individual stories of insanity, survival, normalcy or hope and courage.

The entire list of 2021 Covid Crazies posts can be accessed here. Here goes.

As the elevator pings, Astha locks her phone, trying to reign in her emotions. Images of her husband with the woman from C-1603 singe through her. The double doors open to Meera. The woman. Astha stays unmoving for three seconds, her mind taking in her nemesis, registering the ‘no mask’, and then steps in. Her heart pounding, she contemplates petty spiteful revenge. She could dredge up a heavy cough, splatter it all out; curse her for life. She takes a deep breath quietly, sanity taking over. The Covid-19 positive report in her purse keeps her secret safe.