Z: Zootopia!

Long after the last guests of the night had left, Alok stood outside his room with bated breath. While he was glad that his twenty-one pets – a motley combination of cats, dogs, rabbits, parrots, hamsters, snakes and fish had attended his wedding, it was his beautiful bride Nisha’s entry that had taken his breath away. And now she was in there waiting for him. As he parted the curtain of flowers expecting to see a coy Nisha, Rocket – his labrador bounded off his bed and took off true to its name. Behind him, his friends erupted into boisterous laughter.

Lots of individuals love animals. Some as pets, some as care-givers. Zoophilia however, refers to the extreme obsession and paraphilic attraction that certain individuals feel with animals. History has some very infamous references to Zoophilia and bestiality.

Pic Credit: I Freaking Love Animals
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