Y: Twist in the Tale!

“How can you not like it? Everyone celebrates it on Jun 21.”
“Not a fan.”
“How can you not see the health benefits?”
“Nothing that Zumba or good ol’ aerobics cannot achieve.”
“Please!” I sputter, “a clothes hanger would be more flexible than you!”
“How dare you! Let me show just how flexible I am because of my love for yoga,” he retorts entwining his arms and limbs into a complicated posture.

Ten minutes, I chuckle and lock the door, jingling the keys in my hands as he yells out “Krishna, come on man, I’m stuck! Help untangle me!”

Like Q, Y too did not have any documented philias 😝😝. However, Yogaphilia might as well be. With power yoga, beer yoga, hot yoga and more – the day might soon dawn when they coin something like this for the yoga super-enthusiasts all over the world!

Pic Credit: Do You Yoga
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