S: Half and Half!

She smooths the bed sheet again, neatly re-tucking in the corners on all four sides. Taking a step back, she inspects her handiwork. Not completely satisfied with the way it looks, she walks over to one side of the bed and tucks the sheet in another three quarters of an inch. Standing by the side, she squints, pursing her lips, surveying the situation and trying to make up her mind. Ninety three minutes later, when she’s finally convinced that the geometrical shapes on the sheet are symmetrical to both ends of the bed, she locks up and leaves for work.

Symmetrophiles are persons who are pleased by or obsessed with maintaining symmetry in their life. It is usually used to indicate a more extreme attraction (or medically classifiable relationship) of a person to the condition. It is also closely related to an obsessive-compulsive-disorder, an OCD condition where the individuals feel driven to place items in a certain manner that provides symmetrical alignment.

Pic Credit: Elecwire
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