P: A Raging Fire Within!

I watch him focus on the tiny blip, concentrating hard on getting it right. He adjusts the magnifying glass carefully. Ten seconds later, I see the first wisps of smoke rise up from the paper.

The helpless cat lets out a whimper but it is bound tightly. He sprinkles a generous dose of lighter fluid and strikes the match. Breathing in the smell of burning flesh, he lets out a satiated sigh.

I watch him on TV, being handcuffed for arson. I see the look of pleasure on his face and I feel sick to my stomach.

Pyrophilia is a relatively uncommon paraphilia in which a subject derives gratification from fire and fire-starting activity. Pyrophilia has been diagnosed in very few instances, and is not fully accepted by the general psychological community.

Pic Credit: UnDepress
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