O: A Slimy Affair!

“Quick! Hide the ring in there. And run,” I whisper, as we work on pranking Gaurav. I keep watch as she locates Gaurav’s bag. And then I gasp. Was it my imagination or did I sense movement in his bag?

“Mm … Prachi, it moved.”
“What moved?”
“The bag … something in there.”
“Shut up. Don’t psyche me out.”

I watch as she zips it open. I try to warn her but I cannot find my voice. My heart stops beating. And then I hear her blood curdling scream as more than four snakes slither out of Gaurav’s gym bag.

Ophidiophilia refers to the irregular adoration or amazement for or with snakes; it’s a subset of zoophilia – attraction to animals in general. Greek culture has historic records of several ophidiophiles from centuries ago.

Pic Credit: Teezilly
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