J: Coming Out.

“I cannot .. cannot .. do this, Papa,” I say, trying to muster up courage. Stacked next to me are flyers of the upcoming Nazi convention, the Swastika symbol on each a glaring omen.

Papa looks at me hard, his eyes boring holes into my skin. His unflinching gaze makes me feel unbelievably small. And I shudder involuntarily.

“I fell in love,” I murmur as softly as I can. “With Hanukkah. Hebrew. And … Moses.”

I see the Luger too late. The silent night is interrupted only by the echo of a gunshot. Just one. Then it is quiet again.

Imagine a love so strong that it transcends not just traditions and religions, but borders, generations of hatred, and a whole belief system that one has been raised with. Judeophilia refers to extreme love for the Jewish, in which one might go against their own religions/culture and start adapting those of Judaism.
Pic Credit: The Journal
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