H: Mistaken Identity!

I am rudely awakened out of my deep slumber by someone making a racket. Beside me, I watch Dada Hippo sleep, his rotund body bobbing up and down in the water, his nostrils sucking in oxygen. Twenty seconds later, he sinks down again continuing to sleep.

“What happened, baby girl?” I ask.
“Mama Hippo, Shrek is cheating on me!” Little Hippo snorts loudly.
Dada Hippo floats back to the surface, still asleep. The swamp smells so good and the sun feels warm. Sleep beckons me too.


“What makes you think so?”
“He just admitted he’s a hippophile!” She wheezes.

Contrary to how it sounds, a hippophile is someone who loves horses, not hippos. The origin of the word ‘hippophile’ however, is driven by the Greek word “Hippos” meaning Horse.

Pic Credit: Pinterest
This post is written as part of a 100 word microfiction series for the A2Z Blogging Challenge.
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