F: Frozen!

“5 more minutes,” he says, holding up ten fingers. My four-going-on-fifteen-year-old son is still lying in the snow, a tiny colourful blip in a sea of white.

“But Mommy, the snowman,” he says, pointing to a disproportionate figure wearing one sock on its head. I look back at my son who, I now realize, is missing a sock.
“Inside right now. Or no pizza, no XBOX.” I say sternly, hands on my hips.
“I’m glad Elsa and Jack Frost don’t have you for a mother,” he grumbles, walking past the open door into the warmth of the house.

Well I am glad too that Elsa and Jack Frost don’t have her for a mother. Otherwise we would have missed out some of Disney’s best creations like Frozen! Most kids like Kai enjoy playing in the snow and cold. However, Frigophilia refers to the extreme love/obsession towards cold or frosty stuff!

Pic Credit: Disney Pictures Inc.
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