E: The Eager Beaver

“Anu, I worked all weekend,” Vik remarks. Anu simply rolls her eyes.
“It’s true!” I say.
“I am not an idiot. Out with the truth!” Anu retorts.

“Fine, we did start with work. But we took a break for dinner. And .. drinks .. and well it became 6 AM.” Vik explains.
“See? Telling the truth is easy,” she says, walking off.

I am dumb-struck.

“What did I tell you? She won’t believe the truth that I worked all weekend but she’ll believe some lame story! You owe me 500 bucks!” Vik says chuckling at the easy win he’d bet.

Ergophilia refers to the love for work (or exercise). Having passion for one’s work is different than being obsessed with work to an extent that one ends up spending every waking moment working.

Pic Credit: Think Positive 30
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