C: Creepy!

I run my fingers along the embossed lettering, committing the details to memory. Someone has left fresh flowers this morning. The asters are beautiful in shades of orange and yellow.

The message tone is shrill and abrupt, an unwelcome visitor to my mental sanctuary.
“Howdy dude? How many pina coladas down?” reads the message.
I contemplate responding, then power it off and slip it into my pocket.
I take a deep breath, feeling completely at home.

The Hawaiian vacation fib has to stay. How do I tell them I am nine cemeteries down and have three more to go to?

While this seems unbelievable, Coimetrophiles (Lovers of cemeteries) do exist. People with this fetish feel drawn to visit cemeteries, examine graves and other aspects related to burials and funerals.

Pic Credit: Weekly Flowers
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