C: Creepy!

I run my fingers along the embossed lettering, committing the details to memory. Someone has left fresh flowers this morning. The asters are beautiful in shades of orange and yellow.

The message tone is shrill and abrupt, an unwelcome visitor to my mental sanctuary.
“Howdy dude? How many pina coladas down?” reads the message.
I contemplate responding, then power it off and slip it into my pocket.
I take a deep breath, feeling completely at home.

The Hawaiian vacation fib has to stay. How do I tell them I am nine cemeteries down and have three more to go to?

While this seems unbelievable, Coimetrophiles (Lovers of cemeteries) do exist. People with this fetish feel drawn to visit cemeteries, examine graves and other aspects related to burials and funerals.

Pic Credit: Weekly Flowers
This post is written as part of a 100 word microfiction series for the A2Z Blogging Challenge.
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Jayashree Srivatsan

Interesting and thanks for that addition to my vocabulary

Shilpa Garg

Aha! That's interesting. Was not aware of coimetrophiles.
Couchsurfing : Pros and Cons #AtoZChallenge


It's a grave mistake not to have known this…my spirit will now rip


puns intended?!!!! 😛


Yep, I end up digging up so much new information through these A-Z challenges!


Thanks Jaish! A-Z always does that to me!

Shreya Jacob

I think this blog is the "last nail in the coffin" for a lot of challengers out there!
Eerily enthralling.


Hehehe 🙂 Thanks for the vote of confidence!

Miss Andi

At least he keeps his addiction in place by limiting the number of cemeteries to visit. Thanks for the cool tale and the vocabulary addition.

My blogs in the A to Z: Self discovery via travel and a separate Interactive story.

Vinay Leo R.

I'd rather not meet one I think. Creepy, yes.


Creepy but a new word learnt ! – Swati Kiran


Haha, yep, that is true. Happy to help! 🙂


Me too! Me too!


Hehehe, yeah the A-Z always teaches me new things!

Bharati Patil

Creepy…thanks for enhancing my vocabulary. Waiting for the next microfiction

Donna Smith

I like old cemeteries and reading the tombstones imagining what the family was like. I feel like it is paying respect to people that have gone before, recognizing that they were here and may have even played a part in my life sometime unbeknownst to me. I think you are talking something much weirder than genealogy and family stories though! It isn't my vacation destination!!
Your story would definitely draw me in to read the whole book…do you have more?


Oh yes, these fetishes (philias) are more to do with being fanatics about the object of their fancy. They could die or kill for it. It's one thing to respect those have passed and understand their history. But creating a whole itinerary just around cemeteries and getting a kick out of feeling the tombstones, that's a whole different ballgame! Several of these are also sexual-erotic or involve getting turned on by those fetishes.

I'm honoured that you think it's a book! That's a lot of encouragement there for me! Thank you so much, hopefully someday soon!


Thanks! Guess the post served its purpose well! 🙂 The next one is out!


Interesting to know about this topic.

MeenalSonal from AuraOfThoughts


Thanks for the visit, Meenal! Hope you like the others too!

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