B: For the Love of Books

“No. 16 rejected. Next?” I ask as Mom scrolls through profiles on the matrimonial site.
“I love the books so I take bookie job,” Mom reads out loud.
“What!!!! Reject!!!” Dad and I both yell out from opposite ends of the room.
Nia rolls her eyes. Minutes pass by. Mom passes the laptop to me. I start scrolling.

“Him. Him, you’ll definitely be OK to meet.” I say with a confident swagger.
Mom and Dad exchange glances. Nia takes one look at the profile and smiles at me.
The cover photo is a huge bookshelf. “Bibliophile”, it reads under Hobbies.

Dictionary.com defines a Bibliophile as ‘a person who loves or collects books, especially as examples of fine or unusual printing, binding, or the like.’. The above tale is only a light-hearted rendition of one’s love for books.

This post is written as part of a 100 word microfiction series for the A2Z Blogging Challenge.

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Bharati Patil

Funny take…reminds me of those frustrating days searching for a bride for my bro on matrimonial sites


I love and collect books…but I don't read them… Am I a bibliophile?
Yours truly,

Vinay Leo R.

I hope so. 😛 So far, no luck. 😉


Haha! Bookie! That was gold. Nice one, Deepa.


Hahaha, I was hoping folks could relate to it 🙂 Thanks Bharati! C is scheduled for 4 PM tomorrow! 🙂


For you, my dear, Oxford should just coin a new Raddiophilia! 😛


Hey, if all else fails, there's always bookies 😛 … soon soon! Fingers crossed!


Hahahah 🙂 Yeah, it's funny, sometimes the way usages make me crack up! 😛

Shilpa Garg

And I can say that they will connect immediately. 😀
You know that it has been scientifically proven that book lovers are the best people to fall in love with, for they won't talk to you… they'll speak to you 😀
Loved this story, Deepa 🙂


Heheheh, yeah can imagine the mutual love for books building mutual respect and instant kinship 😀
Thanks Shilpa! 🙂

Jayashree Srivatsan

Glancing through these matrimonial sites is a fun thing in itself….


LOL Yeah!


What a great idea for a post series, Deepa. And with the added challenge of just 100 words – very clever.
Oh, and I'm not married. I doubt that I ever will be, but if I were, a bibliophile would definitely be a big contender 🙂


Thanks for the glowing note, Karen! 🙂 We do appreciate bibliophiles more, don't we!

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