A: A Catty Tale

“The casino? You’ve got to be kidding me! Franklin is not even allowed there! And what about Margo? She just delivered her babies!” I yell at Jonathan.
“Not like they’re your own kids, Jess”
“I’ll talk to you later.” I sigh and hang up.

“You guys love me right?” I ask, looking across the room at my precious ones.
Franklin shrugs as if raising me a mental “Whatever” and goes back to rubbing himself against my sofa. Margo shoots me an impatient look. Sighing, I get to my feet to fill up her milk pan.
Sure, they totally love me.

While Jess here could simply be a protective, supportive cat lover, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Ailurophile as ‘A Cat Fancier or a Lover of Cats’. ‘Philes’ are generally obsessed with the objects of their fancies to a dangerous level.

Pic Credit: Facebook

In 2018, along with the main challenge, I add a tiny twist of my own. Every post is going to be a drabble, also known as microfiction. The posts will be 100 words long. Not a word more, not a word less. Quick reading, fun reading, happy commenting!

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Thanks Sanjit!!!

Shilpa Garg

Aha! That's an interesting catty tale.
Micro fiction is a great idea for A to Z.
I will be coming to check out your bite sized tales everyday, Deepa 🙂

Bharati Patil

A short lovely read Deepa!! Will watch out for your A-Z tales. Keep writing.


Le shahbaaash! Did they make money?


Fun little story, Deepa. As you said, Jess is teetering on the border of Ailurophilia


Ha ha ha… Cute little catty story…

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan

expecting this series to be a lot of fun.. count me in for the ride 🙂

Melissa Sugar

Sassy little catty story. Love the micro fiction idea. It’s perfect for the challenge. My first four -six posts are a bit longer, but then they get much, much shorter. I think it will make it easier for people who stop by. I’l be back to read more.
Melissa @
Sugar Crime Scene


Oh yes, I totally got inspired by your flash fiction! They make it so much easier to do. My 2015 attempt fizzled out coz I started out long ones and I hadn't planned them well enough earlier! Happy to have you over! 🙂


Thank you so much, Bharati! Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂 Will post the next microbyte tonight! 🙂


Yeah and Jess bought two more cats with the money! 😀


Thank you, VR! Welcome to this space. I wonder what lengths some go to. Would be interesting to read. Some extreme stories would be coming up too! Stick around!


Yay! Hopefully a range of stories 🙂 Next microbyte coming up this evening!


Thanks Melissa 🙂 Welcome! Yes, I struggled to keep up with the challenge in 2015 coz mine were too long even for me to write and I eventually gave up mid-way. This was inspired by 'A rose is a rose is a rose' blog owner Shilpa Garga, who used to do a 55-word flash fiction every year! Makes it easy for both the writer and the reader! I'll over at your blog tonight! 🙂


Thanks Aparna!!!

Vinay Leo R.

Loved it. I think for a lover of cats, this would ring true. 🙂

PS: The title gave away the ending though. 😛


Hehehe, thanks. Yeah, spoiler no?

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