W for .. well sWeden: Parenting 101

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I wiggle my toes inside the bunny eared sock Mom has pulled over my left foot. My other sock is coming off but Dad doesn’t seem to have noticed. The lady he’s talking to oohs and aahs over me. I put on my angriest face for her. She laughs “Aww he’s so adorable.” Ok, angry face clearly not working. Switch to plan B. Bite her finger.

“Oooh he’s sucking my finger!!! Teething, is he?” Get away, woman!

The wind starts howling all around me and Dad takes off saying his goodbyes. This new blanket I’m bundled in is so soft and smells like cotton candy. We’re almost home. Hey, wait? What? Dad where are you going? Helllloooooo eleven month baby left outside home in stroller, anyone listening?!! Mom! Help! It’s cold, brrrr! I hear them arguing in the kitchen.

“Where’s Krish?” Mom asks.
“Left him outside for some fresh air, he’s fine,” he says.
“Are you crazy? You’ve lost it! This isn’t sWeden! This is India! You don’t leave babies in strollers out the door!” she cries as she comes running to me! I love you Mamma!!!

PS: Since there aren’t any countries that start with W, sWeden was kind enough to step in.

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Several sWedish children grow up acclimatizing to sub-zero temperatures from a much younger age, barely a few months to be precise as parents leave them out in buggies and strollers to get them a dose of fresh air. http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-21537988

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