G for Greece: Spit Please?

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On the way back home from work, I am part amused and part drawn in by the infectious enthusiasm of the two twenty-something girls sitting next to me on the metro.
“I even have Greek costumes picked,” says one as she whips out her smartphone. She’s talking about destination weddings in Greece. “Look, the authentic Laurel leaf crown. Me gonna wear this too!” And so, on and on it goes until the grim looking man sitting on the other side of the girls thinks he’s had enough and decides to cut the story short. He turns towards the one who’s talking, leans over close, sucks in hard and spits on her.
Well almost. He stops short. I can see the horror on faces around me and can only assume that my face dons a similar expression.
“Aah, I was just warding off the evil eye. They do that in Greece. Make sure you wear an apron, you don’t want spit down your wedding dress now, do you?” As he coolly gets up from his seat and walks towards the exit, stunned silence gradually turns into nervous laughter. 

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Spitting (mostly a dry spit–a symbolic gesture) has been held as a sign of luck and good wishes by Greek people for centuries. It is not unusual for the bride to be spat upon from both sides all the way up the aisle! http://www.thinkwedding.com/WedTraditions-Greek.htm

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