F for Finland: Sleep Deprivation!

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A million icicles are cutting into me. They stab and bite and slice through me. The icy chill permeates through my body and settles deep into my bones. I wake up with a start, struggling to fathom where I am. The surroundings look familiar but I still feel like I am drowning in ice. As my vision clears I see my wife standing by the bed, bucket of water in her hand. My wet t-shirt clings to my skin and I involuntarily shiver.
“What the hell you’re doing!” I yell at her, furious.
“Preparing you for what lies ahead, my Lord,” she says, chuckling at my state of despair.
“You’re crazy!!” I say and step away from the wet mattress leaving a water trail behind me.

“What! You think your friends there are gonna let you off so easy? My dear, let me remind you – you’re leaving for Finland tomorrow and National Sleepy Head Day is right next week! Guess who’s gonna get dunked into a lake! I’m just helping you get ready for it!” She laughs, her enthusiasm contagious and soon, I’m laughing along too. 

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