D for Denmark: Pursuit of Happyness

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D’s up next!

“So one bets on fame, saying being famous is being happy. Another says success is happiness. A third picks money. And the last guy says power. That’s what they each bet 50 bucks on. The movie is about who wins it at the end of five years.” I am describing the plot of a movie I recently watched as we enter the Royal Oak Brewery.
“They should’ve just asked moi! Get out of India, that’s what you do if you wanna be happy! The key to happiness lies in Denmark! Gimme those 200 bucks!” sighs Jess dreamily, just back from a year long stay in the country. Andy is uncharacteristically silent. 

“Happiness is within us,” he says after a pause, tasting the first of the ales and setting it aside. “We try running after it in all those forms, trying to escape life. But it’s in the little actions we do every day that we can truly find it!”
“Hail Andy baba!” quips Manji after a minute of stunned silence and gives him a mock salute. I just look at my best set of weirdos and smile.

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Ranked as “The Happiest Country in the world” 4 times in the last five, the Danish must definitely be doing something right. http://www.visitdenmark.co.uk/en-gb/denmark/art/happiest-people-world
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