A for Australia: Run, Forrest Run!

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Presenting my first post of the 2016 challenge, themed on ‘Quirky and Unique Facts from countries round the world‘!

“Where’s Bittu?” I asked Mom. It had been three hours since I had last seen him around. Uninterrupted silence of this sort from an eight-year-old usually meant that he was up to no good.
“He’s training for some race, he says. Intends to go to Australia for it!” Chuckled Dad.
As I opened the door to his room, I could hear him yell “Forrest, what did I tell you? No flying!! ”.
Barely had I glanced up to see who Forrest was, when the ugly creature descended on my shoulder. Flapping my hands, I screamed at the top of my voice and tried to shoo it away. Antennae fluttering, the disgusting cockroach fell to a corner. I tasted bile at the back of my throat and shuddered involuntarily but the repulsive feeling refused to go away.
As my brother broke into a crazy laugh and yelled “Run Forrest run!!”, both cockroach and I ran for our lives, hopefully in opposite directions.

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Cockroach racing is a club gambling activity which originated in Australia and is held on the 26th of January, every year. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cockroach_racing
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Shreya Jacob

Awesome. Love the idea and superb topic giving the write up a surprise element. The build up is very nice 🙂


Thank you! Would have loved to know who this is! 🙂

Shilpa Garg

That's super interesting theme and you started with a bang. Cockroach racing…. incredible… was not aware of such an activity! Cool 🙂


Wow! You have a brilliant story telling ability. It's interesting to know about cockroach race. Waiting for more.

Alex J. Cavanaugh

Cockroach racing. I'd never heard of it until now!


Thank you Ashish! 🙂


It's amazing the quirkiness that exists all around us! Thank you for the comment, Alex!

Shreya Jacob

Shreya 🙂
It uses unknown by default :-/
I feel so Untech-savvy

Shreya Jacob



Yay! 🙂 Now it says Shreya! 🙂 BTW, if you find Facebook commenting easier, even that's enabled on the blog! 🙂 Whatever works for you!


Thanks Shilpa! Weirdness galore! Ewww factor at its peak!

Kala Ravi

Hahaha, that was a surprise! That is one creature other than lizards that I am absolutely terrified of…the eww factor besides!


Me toooo!

Bharati Patil

Hilarious write up…got to know of such a race now. Weird and wild 🤣


Oh boy… what all people do for entertainment…. yuck


Hahaha..had a good laugh Deepa🤣


Amazingly written by emerging writer in modern world. We enjoyed the story! Thank you for sharing us, Deepa!


Amazingly written by emerging writer in modern world. We enjoyed the story! Thank you for sharing us, Deepa!


Hahahahah…. good one.

Parul M

Good writer startles,provokes or makes the reader curious..you did that again dear..of course with Ewww factor::-((

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