IFW Edition 3: A Cruel Twist of Fate

What happens when an upcoming politician, who’s all set to turn a minister finds out that his wife of 2 years was a patient at a mental health facility prior to their wedding? What happens when this politician’s wife chances upon a photograph depicting an illicit relationship between her husband and an unknown woman? With just a few days to go for their second anniversary and his swearing-in ceremony, what turn of events do these discoveries lead to?

Read my entry to the Indifiction Workshop’s third edition here. Conceptualized by two popular bloggers TF and C. Suresh, Indifiction is a workshop for writers interested in fiction. Every edition’s winners define the succeeding plot and judge the next edition’s entries. The winners of the previous round; Radha Sawana, Medha Kapoor and Leo would be judging this round. The plot has primarily been coined by Leo and can be accessed here

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