Piracy or Not?

Flinging her shawl over the couch, Shalini plopped down in front of the television. Jatin was touring all weekend. All by herself, she had decided to simply waste the weekend catching up on senseless soaps, sitcoms and movies. It was nearing nine ‘o’ clock, time for her favourite soap. Pulling out a tub of ice cream from the fridge, she wondered if the big secret about the adopted child would be revealed today. The promos were being aired since a week ago. Suddenly, the world around her went pitch black. “Shit!” She exclaimed. “Another power cut! Perfect timing!” She spent the next hour fretting and fuming before she finally decided to hit the sack. 

The next morning, as usual, she met her school friend Pia in the bus and undoubtedly, conversation centered around the show Shalini had missed. Pia gave her a quick rundown and urged her to watch a re-run on the internet. 

“Youtube has it all! Don’t miss it!” said Pia, getting ready for her stop.
“You know Jatin doesn’t like piracy. We don’t download movies or even songs.” Shalini reasoned. 
“Its not like you’re downloading. Its just watching online.” Pia countered.
“Is there an official channel?” Shalini asked.
“Don’t you watch movie songs? Yes or No? Well, not all are on official channels!” Pia remarked.
Shalini was silent.
“Everybody uses Youtube! You don’t want to miss this one, trust me!” Pia said, disembarking.
Shalini sat thinking. She didn’t want to miss out on what was being touted as the most interesting episode of the show but she also didn’t want to abandon Jatin and his cause, which she truly believed in. What’s your shade?

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